Dear Exhibitor; 

As previously communicated our first show will be in Middletown on Sept. 11, 12.   Many have stated over the years that it was hard to obtain additional tables in Middletown.  Additional tables are now available at this time because of dealers moving to other states, retirements, and the tragic loss of some of you. 


Middletown is a show that we have run for over 30 years. It is located 70 miles north of New York City at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The shows close proximity to the city, and its size of 350 eight foot tables, makes it a very popular event that has lasted over time.


Carole will allow for additional tables as long as the products being sold are acceptable to her and the tenets of the show. 

Call Carole at 914-248-1000 to book your space as soon as possible.


After eleven months of development our new web site at: is now active.  We have added some new functionality using the latest software to help rewrite the site which ultimately should help the shows overall.   Some of the improvements are;

  1. We are now offering a $2.00 admission discount coupon for an attendee’s email address.  This will allow us, along with our normal post card program, to send notices of an upcoming show to a person’s email or cell phone.  If you want a reminder about an upcoming show you should also upload your email address on the home page where it states “discount coupon”.    
  2. We can now upload pictures on a Friday during load-in of merchandise that is on a dealers table for the weekend.   This picture slide program entices attendees to attend and at the same time helps you in selling your merchandise. The pictures taken and uploaded to the site will be based on display interest and is of no cost to you.
  3. All the flyers for the fall of 2021 and the winter/spring of 2022 are now up on the site. You can now easily download and print any flyer for any upcoming show.  In fact if you cannot reach Carole for Middletown just print up a downloaded flyer and send it into us.  If there are any issues we will call you. 
  4. With the use of updated software the site is now more visible in searches with Google and other search engines when looking for our events.    
  5. We now have a section called “current news” that informs the public and yourselves of anything pertinent to an upcoming show. As an example – the show status for an upcoming weather event or road closure around the show, etc. etc.  In fact this memo will be uploaded to the new section of “current news”.
  6. The web section that shows “calendar” is now updated to an easier format for the public to use.   Our entire schedule for 2021 and 2022 is now uploaded to this section. 


I would advise you to go up to the site and poke around and see how it works.  To stay up to date with our schedule please bookmark the site on your computer and/or cell phone at:

Come this fall we hope to see you all for we truly missed you – Have a great summer!